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Telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act.
-Janet Mock

Presentations and Trainings

Paper Heart
Care Across the Rainbow: Illuminating paths to inclusive care

 This session delves into the unique health needs of LGBTQ+ individuals and the imperative for inclusive, culturally competent care. We will explore actionable strategies to create supportive and affirming health care environments, share best practices for health care providers, and demonstrate the positive impact of inclusive policies on patient outcomes. Join us to learn how you can contribute to a health care system that respects and celebrates diversity, ensuring quality care for everyone under the rainbow.

In the Classroom
Mastering Trauma-Informed Teaching to Empower Survivors

This session explores the profound impact of trauma on learning and development, equipping educators with essential knowledge and strategies to create supportive classroom environments. We will delve into the principles of trauma-informed care, discuss practical approaches to recognizing and responding to trauma-related behaviors, and highlight the transformative power of empathetic teaching practices. Whether you're an educator, administrator, or school counselor, this presentation will empower you to foster resilience, cultivate trust, and promote positive outcomes for all learners. Join us as we embark on a journey toward compassionate and inclusive education.

Image by Alexander Grey
Pronoun Proficiency: Embracing gender with courage and connection

This presentation is dedicated to understanding and respecting gender diversity. It will provide essential insights into the significance of pronouns in affirming gender identity and fostering inclusive environments. We will delve into the experiences and challenges faced by people with diverse gender identities, explore practical tips for incorporating correct pronoun usage in everyday interactions, and address common misconceptions. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of transgender and non-binary people and leave empowered with the knowledge and tools to create a more respectful and inclusive space for all gender identities. Learn how embracing pronoun proficiency can build connections in celebrating gender diversity.


Performance Panic: Crafting Confidence and Competency in Navigating Performance Anxiety

This engaging presentation is your guide to navigating performance anxiety with humor and skill. We'll explore effective strategies for building confidence, understanding the psychology behind the experience, and mastering techniques to perform at your best under pressure. Whether you're an aspiring performer, public speaker, or just curious about overcoming nerves, this session offers practical tips and a fun atmosphere to help you shine. Embrace the challenge with us and turn your performance anxiety into your secret weapon!

Enjoying Music

A Tale of Two Playlists: 
Using therapeutic playlists for management of anxiety

Discover the healing power of music, and how carefully curated music selections can assist in soothing and empower individuals facing anxiety. This session delves into the science of music therapy, offering practical insights on creating personalized therapeutic playlists. Whether you're a therapist, educator, or simply curious about holistic approaches to mental health, join us to learn how to harness music's therapeutic potential for enhanced well-being and resilience.

Image by Eran Menashri

In Spite of Perfectionism

In this presentation we confront the destructive nature of perfectionism, and where it comes from. This session explores strategies to overcome perfectionist tendencies and embrace growth and authenticity. Discover practical tips for navigating self-imposed standards and cultivating resilience in the face of setbacks. Whether you're striving for personal growth or seeking to support others in their journey, this presentation offers valuable insights into understanding and mitigating the harmful impacts of perfectionism, fostering a healthy mindset, and achieving success beyond unrealistic expectations.

Speaking Events

University of the Pacific Lavender Graduation keynote speaker 2024 * University of Washington Continuing Nursing Education * San Joaquin Delta College Faculty Training * University of the Pacific Pi Kappa Lambda alumni speaker * International Association of Music and Medicine Conference 2022 * University of the Pacific Music Therapy Research Symposium * American Music Therapy Association National Conference 2019 and 2018 * Western Regional American Music Therapy Association Conference 2019 and 2022

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